Best french romantic comedies

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We all have our personal favorite rom com. But do you have a favorite French rom com? Can he win her back? This recent rom com is a favorite of French critics and audiences alike. Through therapy, the two neighbors will eventually cross paths. Jocelyn, a successful businessman, is a flirt and an inveterate liar. Bored at a party, he decides to seduce a pretty young woman by pretending to need a wheelchair. All goes according to plan until the day he falls in love with her sister, who is physically handicapped.

Actress Alexander Lamy shines in this film. Alice Lantins Virginie Efira is 38 years old. Julie, a sculptor, gets on a New York-Paris flight to meet Franck, her future husband. On the plane, the two find themselves side by side. It so happens that Julie and Antoine used to date. During the flight, memories will resurface and Julie will have to decide between her old and new loves. Spring But Rose wants something more. She leaves for Lisieux where Louis Echard Romain Duris , a charismatic boss of an insurance firm, is looking for a secretary.

With Louis, she discovers that she has a talent for typing. They share a passion for chocolate and fall in love without daring to admit it. Will their shyness keep them apart or will they overcome their lack of self-confidence? Do you think one of your friends or family members could find someone better than their partner? Have you ever thought about hiring an actor and heartbreaker to split them up? In this classic rom com, Vanessa Paradis plays a rich heiress and future bride. Unsurprisingly, he lets his guard down and is seduced in turn.

This is perhaps the French rom com; French Vogue selected it as the 1 rom com of all time on their list. Audrey Tautou plays the discreet Camille, a professional housekeeper with a complicated past. She ends up rooming with Guillaume Canet, who plays Franck, a gruff chef. Thanks to their vivacious neighbor Philibert Laurent Stocker , both characters will discover new sides of themselves. This surprise box office hit stars beloved French comedian Alain Chabat, who plays Luis, a year-old bachelor.

The result is a hilarious set of misunderstandings and spectacular scenes, including a BDSM session gone wrong. Nothing happens in her life: she is alone, underpaid and exploited by her employers. Her boss decides to hire a new employee. Played by Cassel, Paul Angeli is a thug who has just been released from prison.

Carla and Paul develop a unique relationship. Twins Delphine and Solange, a dance instructor and a music teacher, long for big-city life. When a fair comes through their quiet port town, so does the possibility of escape. We have yet to see this movie, but it got rave reviews at Cannes. Its cast includes Fanny Ardant and the plot sounds highly unconventional. Keep your eye out for its US release later this year!

Here are 14 more suggestions! Note: some of them are less well-known in the US and it may be difficult to find versions with English subtitles. French Listings N. C French Listings. Tout le monde debout — Rolling to You Jocelyn, a successful businessman, is a flirt and an inveterate liar. Populaire Spring Bonus: Perdrix We have yet to see this movie, but it got rave reviews at Cannes. Need even more French rom com recs? Posted by: coucou Category: Culture Tags: valentine's day ideas , rom-com , french rom-com , romantic movies , french romantic movies , french love story , french romantic comedy , love in french , valentine's day , french comedy , french cinema , french film , netflix —.

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Best french romantic comedies

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8 French romcoms to enjoy this Valentine’s Day