Blue nose pictures

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Photo by W. It happens to be the fastest racing ship in Canadian history! Built in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, in , this ton legendary vessel was built to be both a fishing and racing boat. Recognize this? It's a Canadian dime. Photo by slgckgc d CC BY 2. It was called the Bluenose, which may sound funny, but the term Bluenoser was actually a nickname at the time for the people of Nova Scotia — for reasons still unknown.

Though it was not the first ship to be called Bluenose there were seven ships with the same name that came before , it is recognized as part of Canadian heritage and has made its appearance on Canadian money, stamps and even in a song. The Bluenose was a schooner pronounced skoo-ner which is a kind of sailing ship that has two or more tall masts with sails attached. Check out the pictures of the Bluenose and count the masts.

There are two! Like most schooners, the Bluenose was built to be a fishing ship this ship even held the record for the largest catch of fish brought into Lunenburg at the time but it was so fast that the Captain, Angus Walters, knew it was perfect for racing. Schooners rely on wind power to blow the sails and during a race, the captain instructs their crew on where to place the sails to make the ship go faster.

The ships sail over long-distance courses between 35 and 40 nautical miles. The ships must finish their race within 9 hours and the first one to cross the finish line wins! In its year racing career, the Bluenose was only ever defeated once. Bluenose sail No. After such a long winning streak, the Bluenose was famous and travelled the world! Bluenose II is a replica of the fishing schooner Bluenose. In , the Bluenose went back to being a working ship but struck a coral reef off the coast of Haiti.

The crew were safe but the Bluenose was badly damaged and sank to the bottom of the Caribbean sea. It was such a popular piece of Canadian history that a replica a copy , of the original ship was built. Can you guess what it was called? The Bluenose II, of course! Toggle Menu. Explore Videos Games. Explore All. More cool posts!

Blue nose pictures

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