Brenderup prestige horse trailer

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Scroll down to look through articles that may be helpful. Call me any time with questions. Jeff Kurtz, Thursday, July 31, This just in from Andy: horsetrailerparts gmail. Tuesday, July 22, Include or not, as you see fit on your blog site. The Brenderup Horse Trailer Manual has a brief, but decent maintenance information on The Trailer Specs doc has pictures of the different models with dimensions and weight at the bottom in a chart. The Leaflet — has technical summary chart as well as advertisement type descriptions.

Wiring Harness — diagram of the 7 pin harness and which pin does what, along with information on what to do if you have a 4 pin harness. Trailer Quick Guide — this is a document I created, so that other folks borrowing my trailer know what to do. Minimum Towing Vehicle Specs — self- explanatory. Can you tell me if it matches what you know from having a brake job done on your trailer? If so, did you make a video of those steps, or have suggestions? One Piece Butt Bar — a video on how to use it. What was interesting is the adaptor at one end. Removing the Head Diviider — a video to help with that.

Heres a few sites. Weather Strip source found. Redeived from Judy B. The following site has what appears to be identical weatherstripping from the picture see top item pictured below. So, I thought it might be useful to other readers. Nice find, Judy!

Thanks for the weather strip find. It looks like the right thing. I am certain that the weather stripping was an american product that the TX factory used. Will check your other note also. Thanks, again, and travel safe! Sunday, July 13, "Trailers found for sale, mostly by owners. Livingston St. This trailer is very easy to tow. You do not need a big vehicle to tow this. Weighs pounds. Has its own braking system no brake controller needed.

Adjustable butt bars, for different size horses. Handles horses up to 17 hands had a Clydesdale in it a few times. Steel kick plates inside, if horses get feisty. Tack room, where top goes up so you can stand it it, if you need to make a wardrobe change at a show horses have to be out to put top up. Has 2 saddle racks, 2 bridle racks, and a blanket pole in tack room. Ramp is long enough for a horse to totally stand on it.

Has stabilizer bars on either side, to stabilize ramp, for heavier horses or horses skittish with ramps. Hydraulic lifts on ramp to help you close it. Front window horses can see out of. Side windows that adjust to partially open, or fully open.

Head divider so horses cannot pick at each other inside. Two lead rope ties on either side. Uses regular car tires, so not as expensive as truck tires. Comes with hay bags, feed buckets, trailer ties, Trailer Aid tire ramp and 2-ton jack, so you are ready to go as soon as you register it.

It has just passed inspection. I had a bad fall last year and had back surgery, and cannot ride anymore, so trailer and accessories must go. This was my first trailer ever, and I had a blast with it going to various state and national parks.

Very easy to use. AD : Seller: ma Inertia 4 wheel brake system, sealed wheel bearing and amp, brake drums, rubber torsion axles with shocks. Can accommodate horses up to 18 hands. Used less than 20 times and meticulously cared for. Lightweight and can easily haul with a SUV. Two escape doors. Butt bars and chest bars have adjustable heights. Excellent condition. Removable manger.

Divider can be removed to haul mare and foal. Partition damage. The partition has bent. The top bar is bent, the welding of the steel that supports the plastic has severed at the back and the pin that holds the front vertical into the floor has snapped. The only thing holding the partition together is the fiberglass. The trailer wasn't in an accident. Do you think this repairable or do I need a new partition.? I think the bottom bar could be re welded but am not sure about the bottom pin. A welding shop can probably do a fine job, but a place that calls themselves a MACHINE shop will likely do better work, although it may cost a bit more.

They will need to see the partition in the trailer so that they can keep things aligned when they do the welding. This should be a simple thing to have repaired. Please send before and after pics. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Originally Posted On: HorseClicks.

Brenderup prestige horse trailer

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