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Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of s , which has redefined the way of Astrology. Presently he noticed as an odd thing that it was undoubtedly out upon the lagoon with some definite purpose, for it was fighting the tide, and sometimes winning; and when it won, Peter, always sympathetic to the weaker side, could not help clapping.

It was such a gallant piece of paper. It was not really a piece of paper. It was the Never bird, making desperate efforts to reach Peter…. He almost hates them. He really does. The astronauts and the NASA. The whole space program trembled the Crab. But he never said a word to anyone about it. The second time was even worse. He wept. When he was by himself, when no one would see. He carried his silent burden throughout all the months and years, unable to share it, because there was no one he could count on to offer the magnitude of sympathy he needed.

Until she came along — the Virgin — and they fell in love. She might even be able to help him lose his apprehensions, maybe point out to him a heretofore unsuspected happy ending to his NASA nightmares. A bit cranky and critical. Detached and aloof. But he decided to overlook these rare moments. So he gathers up his courage and pours it out into her dainty ears. His sad and scary secret.

He confesses his terror, shivers and trembles, waits for consolation. She does sympathize! She does understand! And a very logical, sensible, practical answer too, surprisingly interwoven with a trace of the esoteric and mystical truth. He made the right decision in telling her. Down through the ages, mythology and the ancients, the scribes and prophets and poets — not to mention astrologers and metaphysicians.. It filled him with awe and private longings each time he stared at her bursting into Fullness, then waning, becoming New and lemon-sliced, beckoning him with a wistful promise.

He used to wish on the New Moon when he was a boy. The magazines were full of their photographed profanity of his Lady of Loveliness. There she was, so pathetically vulnerable, pockmarked with craters, covered by dreary sand and boring rocks, with not a shimmer or a sparkle anywhere to be seen. No magic. No mystery. Just cold masses of dirt, miles of blank nothingness. His Virgo woman listened quietly, not interrupting as other women might, until he was quite finished.

Then he glanced at her from the corner of his eye to see if she was amused. She was not. She understood perfectly. Her clear eyes reflected a full awareness of his feelings, an unmistakably genuine interest. She told him it was only logical for a Cancerian to emotionally resent such a rude and unexpected tarnishing of his image of his own ruler, with such mundane and prosaic descriptions.

It was natural, she said, for people to strongly identify themselves with their personal ruling planets and Luminaries. She pointed out that an Aries man might experience the same loss of self-confidence if forced to listen to s of astronauts landing on Mars ruler of Aries and reporting back that the Fiery Red Star was populated by rows of Sweet Shoppes, quivering jellyfish and marshmallow trees.

The great warrior, the brave and courageous! The fearless! He giggled, feeling much better. Then she confided in him that Mercury is only her foster ruler and mentioned her own secret feelings about her true ruler, Vulcan, soon-to-be-discovered. How she watches the sky, sometimes, and wonders…. The ground walked upon by the astronauts was not reality.

Did the rocks and craters make any change in the mystical and still-puzzling-to-scientists power of the Moon to pull the tides in and out, and affect all manner of things on Earth magnetically? It did not. And what of Earth? Looking upon this planet from space, she analyzed, one might expect it to be a reasonably sparkling, exciting Star.

He nodded eagerly, waiting for her happy ending. The Moon reflects the Sun, she told him. It is a reflector. It is still strange and mystical, and possesses exactly the same powers as before. Even the opening and closing of oysters is precisely timed to the Lunar phases.

The real truth can be seen only with the Third Eye and the heart, combined — by observing the Moon to be the absolute Cause of certain Effects. And perhaps the whole truth will be seen later. Finally, she ended by quoting to him her favorite truism from her Great Aunt Hester. Most Virgos have read and are fond of The Little Prince. Nearly always, a Virgo woman can somehow manage to make a boy Crab feel safe and warm and secure. As though everything is crisp and proper and behaving as it should in the world, and within his own orbit.

The way he felt as . When his mother told him to hush, it was all right. His nightmares were foolish and unreal. Tomorrow will be morning, and the world will still be spinning. Buckwheats for breakfast… and the newspaper delivered, as usual. The Virgo woman makes him feel cozy and comfy, like his old bathrobe with its soft, sagging pockets, hanging there beside his bed like a loyal friend. He senses her dependability, her sense of duty and her integrity. All very much like his own.

Then he may have cause to be nervous now and then. But the typical Virgin in the average situation, when she really loves her gentle Crab, will seldom if ever do anything to really hurt or alarm him. She will wish he would be equally predictable. Unless she has a Cancer Moon or Ascendent herself. A few of their quarrels could spring from his crablike possessiveness. He may frown if she wants to work or pursue a career, unless her desk is next to his, or they go into business together.

Therefore, she feels no overwhelming need to demand a showy kind of independence for herself, but neither will she stand for her personal freedom to be smothered. Courteously like him but quite determinedly. Sexually, these two are well mated. To others, the Virgo woman may project a degree of unresponsiveness. But the great sentimentality and sensitivity of the Cancerian man allows him to discover her latent pools of passion.

She may surprise herself then, with a depth of sensitive feelings she never suspected she possessed. They both approach passion with a respect for its deeper implications and potential. Sexual union is not something either of them normally views as casual or frivolous barring severe planetary afflictions in their individual birth charts.

Despite his emotional vulnerability and sentimentality which he hides with practiced success beneath his tough, outer shell , the Crab possesses a steady, watchful intelligence. Like nagging. Polite nagging, but nonetheless, nagging. Little reminders. Tiny frowns. A martyrlike reation. Because of his extreme sensitivity to hurt — and her natural inclination to criticize — there are dangers inherent in this relationship. So they really have no excuse for allowing things to go too far. Her features, in some indefinable way, are delicate and virginal. Except when her brow is clouded with problems or creased with worry-wrinkles, her expression is sweetly placid.

And so.. Once she feels safe with a man, a Virgo girl is transformed into a symphony of fragile femininity. After all, she was born under a feminine Sun , secretly ruled by the powerfully feminine Vulcan. Zodiac s and Workout by ZodiacRe. Post Pagination Next Post Next. Facebook Pinterest. Cancer Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of s , which has redefined the way of Astrology.

Cancer man virgo woman linda goodman

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Cancer Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love s