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Tabu Social Club. Harristown, Maryland. Get a free quote from this professional. This is a perfect place for open minded adults. Just needs little updating. Everyone is always friendly. I love going there. DJ is not friendly if you ask him to play song. I would recommend they hire a new DJ.

Maybe update movies. They look very old. Other than that love it. Only been once. Definitely have to be open minded if you want to attend this club there is nothing else like it. I won't go into details experience it if you are adventurous. Would love to go back soon! Nice people, nice and well organized club. Maybe it was the night we attended, it was pretty mild. Kudos to the staff- they were great. Only complaints are the cost- super expensive compared to the West Coast, and we thought it was strange how often the DJ used an airhorn during the music.

I've been a few times, guess I'm a regular now but out of the 5 or 6 clubs I've been to this is one of my faves Havent been here in a few years. Came for the mardi gras party. It was pretty packed!!! Since ive neen. The room themes have changed. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and each other.

Parking was full but theres still other places to park Id suggest paying for tix online for faster entry. Bring ur own locks for lockers. There is also a Smokers room. No food, but byob. The club has all of the free mixers. Great vibe, great people. I received a tour when I first arrived, which was helpful.

There was a very diverse crowd age and ethnicity. In the dance area, the music was very loud, which was great. Music varied, there was a little something for almost everyone. The smoking room is pretty small, but it did the trick. You are also to come in and out of the club as you please, so that's a viable smoking alternative.

Overall, great experience. My partner and I plan to attend together next weekend and see what we can get into! Best party for grown sexy people. Last night was my first time. My friend told everyone he was popping my cherry: POP!!!! It was a Friday night Black Out Party so as soon as the lights went out on the dance floor, I did somethangs. It goes down in the basement!! Get there early if you want a room or meet me in the big room in the back and we can do community service together. First fuck fest for me and my partner.

However, however stole my 3 dongs and bullets and love juice bottle can go fuck themselves. If you're tabu and know the rules, shame the fuck on you. Please return, no questions asked. Name is Chris More Friendly staff. Safe place. Enforce the rules of No means No. Singles females can feel safe there. Nice club, updated. Great club for FF. Guys will not bother you.

Been a member for years. My wife and I visited this establishment for the first time last night. The staff and people attending the event were very helpful and friendly. The place was clean and very upscale in comparison to other clubs we've visited. We enjoyed the experience so much this is now our goto place. We both found it exhilarating! It was a clean environment, it had no smell, the people where friendly and welcoming. I went over the weekend for the Black out event and had a wonderful time.

The staff was very friendly and party goers made me and my guyfriend feel very welcomed and comfortable. Cant wait to go back. I went in there looking extremely pretty and left looking slightly hot mess looking , and loved every second of it. Visited Tabu in April as a couple. Very friendly check in and first time host tour. The dance floor was Black out night which makes it easy to let go and have fun fun. We really enjoy the group and circle bed room in Vicki's Lounge, although it may be better to decrease the play time so more ppl can get private rooms and no long wait time, also instead of knocking and YELLING time is up Other clubs ive visited, rooms were open door and you can walk freely in and out the rooms.

Closed door felt more like a motel Local laws im sure. But the open dance floor night balances it out. Good mix of race, age and attraction? Very discreet location, easy free parking, liquor store nearby and Closes at 2am on friday. My wife and I have been to Tabu two times now. We went once on a Saturday night and another on a Friday night.

Both times we were there for their Blackout Party. This was our first time at a club like this. The clientele seems to be predominantly couples in their mid's to mids with quite a few in their 20's and 50's mixed in. There was an even mix of men and women. The sizes and shapes were all over the place but there were quite a few hot women and many of which were dressed very sexy.

Downstairs are the VIP rooms. Most all were occupied with the doors shut. The voyeur rooms with windows are pretty dark which makes it difficult to see anything anyway. The group room was always pretty full of people "playing" but I feel the room needs better ventilation. During the Blackout Parties they turn the off the lights and relax the rules at midnight so there was quite a bit of action on the couches near the dance floor. Unfortunately it is so dark and loud in there that it is difficult to communicate with your partner, not to mention anyone else.

They only relax these rules during special nights Blackout and Anything Anywhere. I wish that it was more often though as that seems to be when it is the most fun there. Also the couches are comfortable, but really only big enough for two people. I would have preferred larger couches so folks could sit closer to each other get to know one another better. The next time it was better but not great.

It would be nice if it was newer and in high definition. Everyone seemed to be very friendly and more outgoing than regular clubs which is a big plus. The staff and bartenders were also very friendly. Overall I really liked the vibe there and we definitely plan on going back. I'm taking off one star because of the limited times they allow play. We're regulars at 4 fabulous mid-west lifestyle clubs, so understand that this review is a bit based on comparisons to those experiences. My partner and I arrived at pm on a Blackout Night.

The facility is clean, well decorated, very professionally staffed, including bartenders and room check-in station. The rooms are themed, with many "sponsored" rooms, aka - rooms named for popular internet and local lifestyle businesses. A few of the light dimmer switches were not playing well on tour, but compared to most clubs which don't give you any light switch, this is still above standards. Most clubs you are lucky to get a fan. This club has over a half dozen fans above the dance floor, and group rooms have their own air conditioners.

That being said, my partner started the night off wishing that she had brought a sweater The smoke room is very, VERY small. And that also means hot. It's cram packed on a busy night, so we elected to just go outside. We're used to clubs having large, outdoor smoking areas, which are great ways to socialize. Lacking this, we did find it very difficult to socialize.

The bar area is great for extroverted people to mingle as groups, but the dance floor is very loud. It has a great DJ! But most of the couches were reserved, and spaced so as to make conversation with anyone sitting nearby impossible. We had to speak into each other's ear to hear each other sitting next to each other. The other chairs are around the dance floor, bar style. We found that in many of these areas, couples stayed to themselves. This was also true downstairs. This didn't allow us to really walk around and spark up conversations with other couples as we watched, which is something we were also used to being able to do and couldn't.

Doors are closed and locked at all times. Nobody was browsing, enjoying the view. For the size of the club, it fills up decently.

Club tabu maryland

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