Dating happn relationships

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in. So, I have this gal pal who was in a relationship for around 6—7 years who recently went through a messy and tumultuous break up. Plates were thrown. Best friends were kissed. There was a big fight over the kmart sofa. The usual dreadful stuff. It got pretty bad and I was definitely right in the middle for a while. Do I dare say tumble? First week that I was back she told me story after story of tinder matches, dates, 2nd dates etc. She seemed like she was committed to the dating app world and was not holding back you go girl.

Sick of nothing hook-ups. The last time Ashley dated was pre-iPhone 5 let alone pre-tinder. Poor thing needed some help, so I did my research and came up with a few solutions:. Tinder is about as saturated a market as the New York specialty coffee scene. Maybe try something a lil different? In Europe I came across happn which had a very many honeys on it. Obviously I voted for 1. But she went ahead with 3. I still got my hair curled like Carrie though. And here is what we learnt from trying the new app happn, compared to tinder. Tinder is full of a lottttt of people who know the app for what it is — a hook up app.

The kinds of people who are both interesting and properly interested in finding something real. There may be less people on happn but there is that saying about quantity vs quality. And quality is definitely something to celebrate. Happn feels heaps more personal. Ashley and I are both the romantic types and this app just seems to walk that line of being casually romantic just right and that, in turn, attracts the right crowd.

Ashley went on way less dates, but much better ones. Try happn today and see who crosses your path. Get started. Open in app. in Get started. Get started Open in app. Tinder or happn? Which dating app is for you? More from Sarah Follow. More From Medium. Jessica A in Fearless She Wrote. Laura Carrillo in Thrive Global. The pandemic feeling. Friendship on a pedestal. Grant H Brenner. Apology, Forgiveness and Healing. Was It Something I Said?

Dating happn relationships

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Happn: What you need to know about the newest dating app on the scene