Erotic cocaine stories

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I was 16, went to stay with my aunt and uncle in Connecticut while my mom served jail time for boosting to support her drug habit. It was nice to be accepted into her circle of friends, cool football players and hot cheerleaders. I went from boring Virginia nerd to interesting new kid.

After a few drinks I had to use the bathroom, I found Chelsea and she directed me to the bathroom, along the way I noticed people in a bedroom with the door cracked, I lingered outside of the door long enough to notice a couple people were snorting drugs on the dresser I think the girl saw me in the mirror so I sprinted to the bathroom.

Later that night Amy and I caught a ride home. We were both hungry so Amy made eggs and bacon and I showered and put on night pants. When I came back to the kitchen I seen my cousin from behind and it suddenly hit me that she was the female I saw doing coke earlier at the party. After eating I went to bed but found myself fantasizing about my cousin. Fast forward 3 days… Amy asked if I had dollars she could borrow… I did but was curious what she needed it for, she told me it was a surprise for me, so I was happy to be a part of whatever she had planned.

When she did get back she rushed me to her room and produced a bag of white powder which ended up being cocaine, over the next hour we snorted lines and told stories about sex. She took off her underwear and told me to rub some of the powder on her… I awkwardly complied and she was rotating her pelvis, lifting her ass off of the chair while I rubbed cocaine onto her clit and around her vagina, she spit into her hand and rubbed it around her butthole, I was in shock but was sporting a solid chubby.

I dipped my fingers into the plate and rubbed a more than generous amount on to her clit, vagina, and asshole the finger fucked her in both holes, at this point I almost came in my pants so I slowed down and that is when Aunt Lisa popped the door open Amy pushed me to the floor and whipped her blanket over her. Aunt Lisa asked Amy if she was feeling sick, she must have heard her noises. I was along side the bed between the wall and my naked cousin and her bed.

Amy told her mom she had not been feeling well and just needed some sleep. After Lisa left the room I popped up and tried to leave, but Amy was set on getting some dick. We did the rest of the coke, leaving a little to rub on her After she teased me for what felt like an hour, I started to fuck her, now mind you I was a 16 year old virgin, I came just as fast as I started.. This content appeared first on new sex story. This story Coke and cousin appeared first on newsexstory. View all posts by Woodsman Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. Free Sex Chat. Published by.

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Erotic cocaine stories

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