Excalibur charm of making

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There are so many reasons to love the delightfully cheesy John Boorman film Excalibur. The insane amount of glitter alone would be enough to recommend it. The film stars a young Patrick Stewart who manages to look exactly the same as he does now, not to mention Liam Neeson rocking a man bun.

However, the clear standout in this very weird retelling of the King Arthur story is Helen Mirren as the sorceress Morgana. Not a great trick, and little Morgana knows how slippery that magician can be. Stealing a baby doesn't exactly make Merlin a good guy. Later, when Merlin falls in love with Morgana but refuses to teach her magic, she imprisons him in a cave, screws her brother to conceive Mordred, then gives the young man a glitter shower a stand-in for magic here, but shiny all the same , because that apparently will keep you safe in battle.

Morgana has us on her side when she imprisons Merlin, though she becomes twisted in the end. She takes revenge on the man who uses her mother as a sexual pawn without regard for her feelings or intentions and who kidnaps her little brother. She wields more power than any of the other women in the court.

So what if she wants to keep herself young with the charm? She may have gone all wonky as the years went on, but unlike the court beauties, or even Queen Guenevere, who barely bothers to defend herself from adultery allegations, Morgana at least tries to live a life of power and fulfillment.

She wants to use them. She wants lessons. In a film that is beyond goofy which you know from the ridiculously cartoonish font they use for the story introduction , Mirren is the undeniable acting standout as Morgana. Her Shakespearian background really gives her an edge.

You can practically see the other actors thinking about lunch or the swarm of bugs in the scene that weren't cut out in post. Plus, the woman absolutely rocks that metal breastplate. Almost every version of Morgana, as far back as we can read, shows a woman with power. Despite the fact that the stories are trying to condemn her, and later, by extension, the pagan religion that was disappearing, she always emerges as a strong woman who lives her own version of life.

She does her own thing, glitter and all, because she can. Helen Mirren in Excalibur - Warner Bros. Photo: Warner Bros. The enduring story of the Witches of Eastwick and their horny little Devil. Why Samantha Stephens of Bewitched deserved a better husband.

Excalibur charm of making

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Excalibur Morgana The Charm Of Making