How to know when god is moving you

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We can look at the changing seasons each year to know that nothing lasts forever. Life consists of cycles and seasons. The Bible tells us there is a season for everything, but we also know that no season lasts forever. Ecclesiastes makes this clear. Ecclesiastes 3 then goes on to describe different types of seasons one may experience.

A season of joy and a season of mourning. A season of war and a season of peace. A season of building up and a season of tearing down. There is a season for everything, but no season lasts forever. I want to focus on not each season we may face, but the transition from one season to another. The first is that opportunities that you once had are closing.

Once I started to look for jobs to get back to work again, every door shut in my face. Opportunities I knew I was qualified for, or more than qualified for, were rejecting my applications. As I settled down from my search to seek God about the matter, He revealed to me that the transition to being a stay-at-home mom was long-term and my season of traditional work was over for the time being. It reminds me of Jonah who God called to preach to the Ninevites, but decided to go in another direction.

You may have heard the story in Sunday school. But sometimes God will use those closed doors to push you in a new direction. Areas where you once had favor, He will remove to adjust your path toward His final will. The second God may be moving you in a new direction is that you are outgrowing the season you are in. Just like my kids outgrow their clothes and I have to get new clothes, our outgoing on one season may mean we need to move into a new one.

We go through this type of transition all the time with Beloved. So if you find yourself in a season where there is nothing left for you to grow or learn, that may be a God is transitioning you to a new level or season. I think of the Prophet Elijah who God called to hide by a brook, while God miraculously provided for Elijah. When my husband and I moved to North Carolina from Maryland, we stayed in an apartment, but we wanted to buy our own house. When we sat down and looked at all the finances, we concluded there was no way we would be able to buy a home any time soon.

So we just let the idea go. Soon after that, I remember getting into bed one night and God placing the desire on my heart for a new home and to pray about it. So I prayed that prayer and went to bed. Now my husband was working night shift, so I woke up that morning when I heard him come into the apartment.

It looked like the Amazon rainforest in our apartment. The apartment above ours had a pipe burst and the water flooded our entire apartment. We could not live there anymore. Now that pushed us to reevaluate our home search and we found a house that we were able to afford. If it were not for that flood, we would have stayed at the apartment.

But God was transitioning us. We learned a very valuable lesson: As God moves you, His provision goes with you. The fourth God may be moving you in a new direction is that you are afraid. We push forward anyway because that is what God calls us to do. Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. When I am afraid of stepping out, I know that sometimes means I need to make that move because it then serves as an opportunity to be strong and courageous and build my faith muscle.

Fear is like our allergic reaction to the seasons changing. The final God is moving you in a new direction is that God told you to do it. Honestly, most will not. Still, we will look for all kinds of s and confirmation before we move when God has already told us what to do. Let me know are you set in the season you are in or do you feel God moving you in a new direction? Also, check out my video on the 4 spiritual seasons and click the link in the description of this video to take our spiritual seasons quiz to learn more about the season you are in.

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How to know when god is moving you

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