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See article from bikyamasr. A Giza Misdemeanors Court sentenced a married couple accused of swinging to 7 years in jail for the husband and three years for the wife and at the same time ordered them to remain under surveillance when they are released, state media reported. The couple was arrested a year ago and were accused of trading spouses with other couples. Unfortunately for them, the country meanwhile took a big step towards religious extremism and sharia law.

The public prosecutor accused them of prostitution and creating an indecent website to facilitate their sex trade. They were accused of sexual trading with three other couples. However the court found that the sexual activities were perfectky consensual. A report quoted the husband, identified as Hossam Kamel, said the idea came to him when he saw a similar website in a Gulf country and decided to bring the idea to Egypt.

Based on article from alarabiya. An Egyptian man and his wife convicted of setting up a swinger's club and organizing orgies and wife swaps were sentenced to long prison sentences yesterday. The couple will be on probation after their release for the same time period. In sentencing the pair, the judge described the case as one of the worst crimes committed in the name of humanity, adding that the crime was unique for its perversity and went beyond the taboos of extra-marital sex.

The Cairo couple, who have children, were arrested in October on prostitution charges and confessed to having sexual relations with three other couples. The couple used pseudonyms in s to organize wife-swapping parties and orgies and managed to get 44 couples ed up for Cairo swinging sessions via the website.

Egyptian swinger jailed for 7 years 17th July Full story: Swinging in Egypt Egyptian swingers arrested See article from bikyamasr. Long prison sentences for Egyptian swingers Based on article from alarabiya. Egyptian swingers arrested Based on article from alarabiya. An investigation revealed that 44 Egyptian families responded to an Internet ad placed by the government employee and his wife soliciting participants for the orgies that were held over three months at the couple's house. The couple had sex with three couples from among the applicants. The man said that the couples who came to his orgies had to have an official marriage contract and not the unofficial Urfi one.

Otherwise, they were not admitted: The rest were rejected because they were not pleasant. The accused man said he got the idea from a porn movie, and that his wife agreed. They send invitations to couples throughout Greater Cairo and received several responses.

The two defendants were detained for four days while the prosecution prepared an indictment bill to refer them to the criminal court. Police also arrested a lawyer who was finalizing a wife swap and a couple from the Gulf who were seeking a swap for the weekend. Home Menu Index Links Shop. Update: Swingeing Punishment Egyptian swinger jailed for 7 years. Full story: Swinging in Egypt Egyptian swingers arrested. Update: Injustice in the Name of Humanity Long prison sentences for Egyptian swingers. Egyptian Plods Swing into Action Egyptian police have arrested a senior civil servant and his wife for organizing orgies and swinging parties and hosting wife swaps.

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I fuck him in cairo swinging

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