I had sex with my daughters friend

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Questions may be edited for clarity and length, and may appear either in print or online. This young man and I have been having an incredibly mutually amenable, emotional, creatively inspiring and sexual affair for the past few months and are both developing real feelings for one another. We have made my family aware of our activities. My daughter and partner are very hurt, but I am having trouble feeling ashamed as this has been and continues to be such a fulfilling experience for him and me.

How do I maintain my family and my muse? This is quite the layered love triangle. I am inclined to believe you have been suffering from PTSD as a result. We normally associate post-traumatic stress disorder with veterans who have returned from combat, but there are many negative experiences that can cause someone to suffer for months to years following the event. And the suffering often causes more suffering. When someone is suffering, she may develop what I know to be called STERBS—short-term emotional release behaviors, which include activities such as drinking too much alcohol, abusing drugs, sleeping or eating too much or not enough, behaving recklessly and, in your case, infidelity.

These activities make the suffering disappear or dissipate, for the short term. Let me give a specific example. I know a women who endured years of infertility that included multiple miscarriages. She was also prone to depression after experiencing multiple traumas in her childhood and adolescence. The combination of suffering led her to abusing alcohol and cheating on her spouse. The promiscuity is often an attempt to try and feel alive and sometimes an attempt to feel they have enough personal worth so as to be desirable by another person, even if only for a sexual quickie. The trauma they survived eats at their sense of self and diminishes their ability to realize their own self-worth.

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I had sex with my daughters friend

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