Is he gonna break up with me

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Being dumped unexpectedly is one of the worst experiences you can have. Something just feels off. Everything is more important than you to him. Remember how he used to get all ticked off when you would flirt with other guys? Your sex life is nonexistent. This is basically a that the female friends are now taking priority over you. He seems annoyed with the fact that you want attention, a date, or sex. You put all the effort into the relationship.

Simply put, some guys actually will put no effort into a relationship in hopes that the girl will get frustrated and break up with him. Do yourself a favor and beat him to the finish line by kicking him to the curb. He stopped doing that. Making you swoon with jokes?

Though this can be chalked up to feeling comfortable in a relationship, the truth is that neither partner should ever stop chasing. You both seem to have more bad days than good ones. This is a you should probably be dumping him. Relationships are supposed to make you feel better, not worse. Is he actively scoping out new girls? Did you catch him on Tinder, chatting up women? You no longer factor into his future plans. Confrontation is avoided at all costs. Instead of confronting issues, everything is swept under a rug.

This is a recipe for disaster, no matter what way you cut it. This usually happens when you feel like asking your main squeeze for affection is too difficult. The smallest things set him off. Every day is an explosion of anger and vitriol from his mouth. You want two kids, he wants none. Being unable to agree to major life decisions often means that you will end up splitting up. You just got diagnosed with a serious illness. Men are six times more likely to abandon a sick partner than women. Why do we need guys again? Talking, especially romantically, has crawled to a halt.

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Is he gonna break up with me

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