Lawyer dating client

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This is a temptation that seems to be irresistible to many, with legion stories catag bad behavior and worse— everything from the divorce lawyer who got caught in the courthouse literally with his pants down with his mentally unstable client seeking custody of her three kids to the criminal lawyer who "loved" her poor, black diminished capacity client onto death row and a lethal injection. And while most states do have such laws today, they are pretty watered down. Rule 1. By comparison, the rules of professional ethics for doctors are far more stringent. This is an odd bit of arcana that has survived repeated questioning, particularly since many experts consider sexual relations with a client of any stripe whether former lovers or not prohibited in the first instance by conflict of interest and breach of fiduciary rules.

ABA Rule 1. Although Rule 1. A difficult judgement to make with your knickers on the ground. There are distinctions that currently exist among states that should be taken note of. And at least one state, Georgia, considered a bill to criminalize attorney-client sexual contact. Alaska and Pennsylvania have issued ethics opinions advising that the relationship is unethical. While this list may not be entirely up-to-date, the clear trend among states is toward specifically prohibiting consensual attorney-client sexual contact during representation. In California, for example, evidently an attorney may sleep with his or her clients so long as the attorney does not make sex a condition of representation.

And punishments range from a slap on the hand to disbarment. As Vivia Chen, the Careerist , points out, "the trick is for the libidinous lawyer to pick locales where the punishment is light. WHO the lawyer may not have sex with also varies. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers rules specifically rule out opposing counsel as well as clients. With a full cast of media and legal commentators looking on, members of the State Bar of Texas recently rejected a proposed change in the ethics rules that would have barred sex with clients. Suffice it to say that personal relationships with clients, their spouses, opposing counsel, the General Counsel of your client—all of these pose not only a challenge to delivering adequate legal representation but may also potentially ruin your career.

A cool weighing of the postives and negatives might be in order. Whether unethical or not, once the relationship is established, the procedure for ending it is not that dissimilar from ending a relationship in the office , unless the other party—client, spouse, etc. This might be the time to engage your own counsel. And remember. No doubt because it never really comes up. So what in fact are the ethical rules about the matter?

Lawyer dating client

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