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I'm getting ready to setup an HTC Excalibur and I wanted to post my list of favorite sites to visit with my Mobile Browser and a list of the apps I really need to install to make my Windows Mobile Smartphone complete. I think it's funny that folks thought that the ". Plus, I don't have to tap out the "obi" which saves me, like minutes. Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in any way. Sponsored By. About Scott Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. About Newsletter.

Hosting By. Share on Twitter or Facebook or use the Permalink. January 24, On my IPhone, i am encountering strange issue, if i try to visit live. Thats why i have E90 Communicator but prefer to browse through IPhone. Usman Bashir. Google Reader www. Very nice and clean. FatWallet Mobile www. This site of tightw has figured every angle on how to get stuff legitimately cheaper than retail. Saved me hundreds of dollars. Traffic Gaugue www. Support for tons of cities. John Batdorf. If you're using an iPhone, thincloud.

Jamin Guy. January 25, With the iPhone, you got love that you can still browse regular styled websites, albeit tiny, still useably. Thanks for these though! John Baughman. It's not as slick as Safari on an iPhone, but you can do normal browser stuff like "Save As" that Pocket IE makes difficult or impossible. I also find myself "End-task"-ing it less frequently than Pocket IE. Matt Davis. Good stuff. I use some of those already. But I gave the Microsoft Live applet a shot.

Very cool. Voice activated and everything. Works great on my Cingular Windows Mobile 5. Nick Ball. I currently have an exchange which pushes to my Palm W verizon. More than anything, I'd like it to be a friction-free experience. I really like the over the air updating of contacts and appointments that I have now. Didn't you push your family's data into the cloud a few months ago? Did you have these concerns?

Rob Kitson. Scott Hanselman. John S. How did you come to the decision to get the Smartphone? My 2c when it comes to developing for mobile browsers: Mobile Browser Emulation Finding a decent emulator is a nightmare, and there seem to be a mish mash of software companies who sell all-in-one emulators. There's even a company linked to dev. Then have it connect to your dev machine via the local network. I couldn't get my e65 to link up to my WPA-enabled wireless network it seems that nobody can.

The second best way is to download an SDK from the major phone manufacturers. It also allows you to change the screensize on the fly. It was a colossal mission to install and wouldn't start up unless I disabled my sound drivers. I'd suggest hosting the SDK on a spare machine when testing inside mobile because the emulator eats resources like a hungry aardvark coming out of hibernation, living in an ant farm. Once it's up and running the network connectivity is a snap.

Using ASP. Net MVC I've tried to keep the mobile content of the site focused and summarised, so that the en-route user can get what he needs without wading through paths. The HTML is unstyled but well-formed. I'm keen to add styling, but the vanilla browser-default styling for things like paragraphs, lists and headings makes the really easy to read.

You also get the advantage of a high-contrast black text on white so that outside visual interference is reduced, a problem that is not so prevalent for desktop users. It looks great, it feels facebook-ish colours, buttons, styling and it simple and easy to use. They seem to use a single column, many rows approach,with full-justification on paragraphs.

The single-column approach is great, considering that most displays are portrait and scrolling down is a more natural way to read a document than scrolling left and right. Luke Venediger. I got it because I don't need a physical keyboard which adds weight and bulk to the phone. I needed the touch screen because I need to remotely control my personal Windows machines on the internet. Plus using a stylus is better than a smartphone's jog wheel. I hate any web site which forces a different website version when it detects I am coming from a phone. Amazon is one of them.

I understand some sites try to make the website simpler for display but if I WANT to see the regular site, then let me. If I want to go to the mobile version of the site, I will use the mobile url. Hotmail was also a site which forced the mobile version on me until live. I have Opera Mobile and next time I will change the agent so these sites don't know I am coming from a handheld device. BTW, GMail's java mail applet is slower than browsing their regular mobile site. I don't use sites if I can browse them from a regular computer. I use a computer most of the day at work plus home.

I see no need to browse sites even more on a tiny window. Checking is as far as I go. Scott, What do you think of the Excalibur? I have been contemplating getting one since they announced it. But without a phone company to subsidize it, it is an awfully expensive purchase. Plus, I can't exactly try one out before I buy it because no stores carry them. One thing in particular that I was wondering is if you can use the wifi to sync to Outlook not over the internet just when you are connected at home?

I know you can use Exchange over the internet with direct push technology but wasn't sure about wifi syncing to Outlook. Thanks, Bradley. Bradley Landis. January 26, Here are a few sites I have found useful. Austin Wise. January 28, Thanks for the list Scott. I like to watch streaming TV news on my i Windows Mobile sometimes. Chinh Do. January 29, Steve Wolf. February 01, I was trying to post comments to this thread using my iPhone and it would not work.

Typing into this box is broken. I was going to write "Who needs mobile s when you can look at the real thing using an iPhone" but now i feel suppressed :. Dmitry Lyalin. February 06, Scott, as a side project I'm maintaining a good list of mobile websites here: Cantoni. And, matching what you observed, I'm not seeing a lot of. The "m. Brian Cantoni. February 10, If you are using your computer but would like to access a mobile version of the website, then use the following tool.

Two tips Scott: 1. IMAP support for windows mobile with Gmail has been fixed.

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