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Seeking the help of an online psychic isn't as out-there as it might sound. Live psychic readings by phone or chat are much more convenient than in-person readings, and many people find that they can be just as accurate. Still a bit cynical? Throw that image away. Psychics—and we mean genuinely gifted individuals—use extrasensory perception to reveal hidden truths about your life, shed light on issues that are holding you back, and help you make changes if they sense trouble is lurking ahead.

So, if you're ready for an eye-opening one-on-one psychic reading experience, here's a selection of online psychics that offer free psychic minutes and discounted rates. Great for: Love readings Type of readings: Phone, online chat, or video call Specialties: Love life, tarot readings, career advice, energy healing, loss and grieving Special offer: Three free psychic minutes and 75 percent off. Psychic Source is one of the most popular online psychic services, especially for accurate love readings and relationship insights.

Psychic Source has been in business since , making it one of the oldest and most reputable psychic sites in the world. This site is huge, too. For your convenience, you can connect to the medium or psychic of your choice via phone, chat, and video.

The Psychic Source website offers many different specialties to choose from including love psychics, energy healing, dream interpretation, tarot readings, mediums, relationship insights and future predictions. You can filter their best psychics by type of ability, divination tools, subject expertise, per minute rates, as well as ratings and reviews. All of the spiritual readers on the Psychic Source platform have years of experience. Psychic Source has a rigorous screening process that tests every reader in their network for authenticity.

Indecision is one of the toughest things we deal with. Keen is on hand to give you insight and clarity. To help you find the best online psychic advisors to get answers from, Keen offers several filtering options that allow you to narrow down your search, including type of psychic gifts, price per minute, customer rating, subject matter expertise and years of experience. The ability to check customer ratings means that you can feel confident in the quality of the readings. Keen goes beyond your usual psychic reading, too. Keen also has a convenient mobile app that allows you to connect with online psychics anytime and anywhere.

Through the app, you can easily see which online psychics are available at any given time and connect instantly with a click of a button. If your favorite psychic reader is busy, you can schedule a call-back at a time that is convenient for both of you. Interested in getting a reading? Great for: Tarot card readings Type of Readings: Psychic chat or Specialties: Tarot card readings, career path, astrology readings Special offer: Three free minutes and 70 percent off.

This online hub bills itself as the gold standard when it comes to tarot readings, with nearly trusted tarot card readers to offer real-time insights on burning questions related to money, love life, and careers, with the aim of giving you the confidence you need to move forward.

In fact, since launching in , Kasamba has grown enormously, with psychic services including rune casting, career or relationship advice, spirit guides, mediumship, birth chart interpretations, love predictions, numerology and dream analysis. All tarot readers have their own profile , making it easy to choose the best psychic for your needs. You can see their specialties, contact methods, per-minute rates, and years of experience. The best bit? There are some great introductory offers for new users.

Asknow is an online psychic service that has been in business since , providing answers to thousands of customers from around the world over phone or chat. Asknow has a variety of different psychic mediums and tarot readers in their network, with some advisors having as much as 20 years of experience in their field. All advisors in the Asknow network are divided into several distinct , including love and relationships, dream analysis, tarot readers, astrology, spiritual guides, career path, money and finance and past lives.

Once you visit the Asknow website, you can browse their online directory to see which top rated psychics are available at any given time. If you need help finding the best psychic for your needs, you can filter their advisors by category, price, reading type, and availability. If you're bilingual, you'll be happy to know that Asknow offers readings in both English and Spanish.

For new clients, Asknow offers an amazing deal that is hard to ignore. In addition, you'll also get five free minutes with one of their master psychics as well. Pretty tempting, right? Good question, buddy. Essentially, online psychics help reveal the truth about any situation and provide the wisdom you need to make changes for the better. Most people associate the best psychic readings with accurately predicting the future or fortune telling, but that's not completely true. Some psychic readers use divination tools such as tarot cards to provide guidance, while others just rely on their intuitive abilities to read your body's energy.

Each psychic reading method has its pros and cons, but it's mostly just a matter of preference. No matter which format or technique you choose, nothing beats the convenience of getting a psychic reading online. Online psychics have the experience to provide information on a variety of issues including relationship problems, money, difficult situations at home, your destiny, dreams, and career choices.

When you talk to them, you can ask a question about anything that's on your mind. Types of services offered Psychic readings are the most popular choice for people in search of spiritual information. Depending on which company you use, you can select from various psychic readings online and get precise predictions.

That includes chakra cleansing, dream interpretation, and energy healing. The best psychic websites offer a variety of different services including horoscope readings, tarot and astrology. Contact methods Accurate readings should be convenient and accessible. Look for psychic sites that offer multiple online reading methods such as , phone call, chat, and video.

Psychic apps More than half of internet traffic came from mobile devices in The best psychic websites should therefore make it easy to get in touch with a trusted advisor by using a mobile app. Companies such as Keen give you access to a psychic reading via phone call or online chat whenever you want. The best psychic apps allow you to sort through different psychics and services to find the right option for your situation. You can even do a face-to-face video reading, thanks to the power of video chats.

Free minutes Finding the top psychic advisors takes time. Take advantage of free psychic minutes while you look for your perfect match. Many of the best online psychics offer three free minutes for new customers, so you can try different psychic advisors until you find someone you feel a true connection with. First-time customer discounts It can be really difficult to make a decision when it comes to choosing an online psychic.

One strategy is to take advantage of first-time customer discounts. Companies will give you up to 70 percent off on your first psychic reading or tarot reading, so you can see whether the service is to your liking. Satisfaction guarantee The last thing you want is to get a psychic reading from a less-than-accurate advisor.

Go into your session with complete peace of mind knowing you have a satisfaction guarantee. All four companies in this list offer money-back guarantees, ensuring your psychic reading online is risk-free. Reading customer reviews goes a long way in deciding which psychics are accurate and reliable.

You can get invaluable information from clients about their experience and sessions. User reviews make it straightforward to find an ideal match. You can ensure that your tarot card reader or astrologist has consistent wisdom and accuracy. These psychics have honed their skills through years of practice to become sensitive to the energy and vibrations in your voice.

With a phone reading, your psychic advisor will prepare in much the same way they do for a face-to-face appointment. You can end the psychic or tarot card reading at any time and for any reason to avoid further charges. A chat session is great for anyone that wants to talk to a psychic in a public place, without the risk of being overheard.

Consider face-to-face video readings if you want the intimacy of an in-person visit. Live video readings are a powerful experience. readings Are you always buried in work? readings provide an accessible way to reach out to trusted psychic readers or tarot experts. readings are best for open-ended questions because psychics can explain the information they perceive about your life without a time limit.

The open-ended format lets you soak in all of the information. also allows you to message psychics whenever you have a free moment. About us. . Photograph: Norcal Marketing Four online psychic reading sites to check out right now Discover what the future holds and get the first few minutes free over phone call, chat or live video with one of these online psychics Written by Time Out.

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Psychics chat room

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