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These days, there are more coding-for-women resources than ever to help female coders break into the technology industry. The following list includes 25 organizations in the US and overseas that teach coding for women and girls. Ada is a long-term developer academy for women and gender-diverse adults lasting 11 months. The first six months take place in a full-time Monday through Friday classroom setting, while the latter five months involve on-the-ground training. It is a sponsor-supported coding bootcamp for women, with many big-name contributors, including Amazon, Zillow, EMC, and others.

While it is a free program, realize that you will still need to cover living expenses and any relocation fees if coming to the Seattle area from elsewhere. Click To Tweet. Hackbright Academy is a female-coders-only developer bootcamp based in San Francisco. They teach Python and have part-time, full-time, in-person, and remote learning offerings. Hackbright also has a part-time evening and weekend prep course that can give you a taste of what life is like for women coders before committing to the Software Engineering Program.

Hackbright is one of the most expensive options for female coders on this list. Skillcrush offers entirely online learning for women coders and others. They offer two types of courses. The first are three-month-long courses focused on specific skills.

The other is an all-inclusive month program. You can also up to take their free day bootcamp. They are about empowering all kinds of people from varying backgrounds—spanning nationality as well as gender. You can apply for the program at any time, but the admissions process is more rigorous than other coding courses and bootcamps.

Students should already know the building blocks of coding loops, conditionals, arrays, objects, functions, etc. Check out other similar intensive online courses here. A UK-based coding school for women only, in order to encourage confidence, accessibility, and support in a community of female coders.

For every paying student, the organization also teaches an underprivileged woman in India to code. After the course, they offer career counseling and internship opportunities with their partners. Codebar offers free weekly coding workshops for those under-represented in the tech industry—catering primarily towards women coders and those in LGBTQ communities. Plus, you can the Codebar community on Slack to get help from other coders and coaches.

All chapters teach the core courses at minimum, but at many GDI chapters, you can also find additional courses on widely varying topics like Sass , content strategy, and even SEO. Workshops can either be a one-time thing, or involve multiple sessions.

GDI offers affordable web-development classes for women learning to code. However, men can attend if desired. Some of their events are even free! GDI has chapters across the US, and they just keep on growing! Seriously, every time I head back to their site I see that new chapters have been added. As the name implies, Ladies Learning Code is specifically targeted toward women coders. Lunch included with each session. MotherCoders offers an eight-week tech camp focusing on helping mothers enter tech careers.

They provide Saturday and weekday classes with on-site childcare and lunch included. The program focuses most on building a professional network and community support. However, their technical content is more of a starting point for female coders rather than a deep dive into a specialty. View the full list here.

In the most general sense, PyLadies offers support and networking for women who code in the Python community. It welcomes all levels of programming knowledge, from beginners to seasoned experts. With PyLadies, the individual groups have a lot of autonomy. Each chapter decides their own workshop topics—or whether to even have workshops.

Some groups use a more formal approach with classes, while others prefer hosting social events. Contact your local chapter to learn more about what they offer for female coders in your area. As the name reflects, Rails Girls is a Ruby-on-Rails-specific coding workshop for girls. Their gatherings generally last one or two days.

Boys can attend , but must accompany a girl. Also, girls are given first priority when registering. The organization has events literally all over the world. I attended a RailsBridge workshop in Cambridge, Massachusetts a few years ago. The event was entirely free , including food, beverages, and even childcare. However, I am not sure if all RailsBridge workshops are like this. RailsBridge is primarily for women programmers, but guys can attend with a gal, just like Rails Girls. At the event I went to, there were a few guys in the room but nothing close to the of girls.

Beyond workshops, RailsBridge has ongoing chapters in some cities. These appear to be primarily study groups. When you become a member of Women Who Code, you get access to tutorials, articles, videos, and other educational materials for female coders.

The nonprofit offers meetup groups and 1, events annually around the globe, from hack nights to study groups. Django Girls is a nonprofit that inspires women to fall in love with programming through Python and Django workshops, online tutorials, resources and community support. Their coding scholarship makes it possible for LGBTQ women and non-binary techies to start a career in tech. They offer scholarships for some of the biggest coding bootcamps. You can get on the interest list now for See the full list here. ChickTech was founded in to encourage women of all ages to pursue STEM-based careers through tech programs and events.

The ChickTech: High School program, for example, teaches high school girls subjects like robotics, soft circuits, how to build smartphone apps, and 3D printing. For adults, the Advancing the Careers of Technical Women conference helps women in tech find community, inspiration, jobs, and more. See the full list of locations here. Founded in , Girls in Tech is a nonprofit organization that offers its members access to in-person and virtual events, workshops, bootcamps, and courses. As a member, you can also connect with mentors, check out the exclusive job board, attend hackathons, build up your professional skills, and much more.

Recently stopped offering in-person courses, but the curriculum and materials are freely available. While it no longer offers in-person classes, you find their curriculum and learning resources online. Lessons are beginner-friendly and focus on practical skills you can apply in the real world. The curriculum consists of five core lessons, including topics like storing information, APIs, reading data, etc.

An all-girls summer camp teaching tech, entrepreneurship, and other skills, along with fun camp-style socialization. The program has locations around the U. Students can choose what projects they want to focus on, and can optionally add continuing education units and college advising. Check out a program overview here. The Digital Youth Divas DYD is a blended online and face-to-face program that uses a project-based learning approach to teach STEM topics to middle-school girls — especially those from underrepresented communities. It teaches girl programmers technology, computer science and engineering fundamentals through a framework of de projects, narrative stories, an online social network platform, and a community of peers and mentors.

Their events always happen on one day and generally last the full day, from 10 a. Virtual events typically last one or two hours. Check out these 43 other tech resources for people of color , including communities, platforms, conferences, meetups, and more. Tech Scholars Online teaches high-school girls to code online in a supportive, all-girl environment. Courses are taught by experienced women computer programmers and students get the chance to be mentored by influential women in the tech field. Any student who self-identifies as a girl is welcomed.

Courses include hands-on projects, group work, and collaboration. Plus, students will learn about under-told stories of women in STEM throughout history.

Want to help a Chicago aged girl out

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