Why do men change after sex

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Beautiful, confident, passionate, she had her own life and was so much fun to be around. Because the reason men lose interest after sex, has nothing to do with when you sleep with them. Superficially, this is an easy question to answer. You think it, because it happens.

Men do leave after sex, time and time again. For men, physical and non-physical attraction are also linked, except when it comes to sex. Perhaps you texted him 10 times an hour the next day, started bitching about your ex or revealed an insecure tendency to seek approval and flattery.

He loses all interest. For a man to keep chasing, his non-physical attraction to you has to be as strong as the physical. He will keep chasing, if he likes what he sees beneath the facade. So, the million dollar question is, how do you stop getting used for sex, from men who only have physical attraction for you? The quality of the questions you ask yourself, determines the quality of your life.

The real issue here is not about trying to avoid being used for sex. There are always going to be men who flake after sex. Comments comments. Master Modern Texting. Get My Free Ebook! Free Chapter. Get your free chapter!

Why do men change after sex

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Why Men Pull Away After Sex (and What You Can Do About It!)