Woman for sex Churchill

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Now we are haggling about the price. For instance, if instead of paying for sex a landlord would rather receive sexual favours from a tenant living rent-free, would that really be so bad? Well, yes, actually it would, at least according to recent reports of landlords making this very offer. Apparently, this is an appalling example of the current housing market allowing predatory men to exploit the vulnerable. Only if this is the case, why is paying for sex not viewed with the same horror?

All sex for rent does is cut out the symbolic means of exchange in the middle. Yet far from decrying the exchange of sex for money, supposedly progressive organisations such as Amnesty International and the NUS , in addition to mainstream political parties such as the Liberal Democrats and the Greens , are pushing to liberalise attitudes towards the purchase of sex.

Why are these two things seen so differently? True, live-in work carries with it particular risks and uncertainties, but do any of us feel the same qualms about housekeepers or nannies getting to live rent-free? So why should sex for rent be seen as especially problematic? The same is not true of sex work or poverty. It is possible for there to be alternatives to exploitation or destitution. That for many women there are currently none is not least down to a politics that values unlimited sexual freedom for all — an impossibility — over a fairer redistribution of limited choices for everyone.

We should all face restrictions on what we can do with our own bodies, just as we should all have duties of care towards the bodies of others. Such a belief — at heart pro-capitalist and anti-feminist — has seeped into supposedly pro-woman, left-wing thought and activism, yet anyone who points out the absurdity of it is treated to a Victorian asylum-style diagnosis of prudery and whorephobia.

To claim, on the one hand, that one is anti-austerity and anti-neoliberal, while insisting, on the other, that no woman is without means as long as she has orifices to penetrate, is not progressive. It shifts the baseline of our understanding of need and it does so dishonestly, masking coercion by repackaging it as free choice. If anything is for sale — any body part, any experience, any relationship — then the poorest will be stripped bare. If you accept the principle that there is nothing wrong with buying sex — or ova or breastmilk or babies — how do you ensure supply can meet demand?

Only by making sure there are always enough women with no other options. There is no other way. If sex work is work, poverty is necessary. The postmodern fantasy that an underclass of coerced, poverty-stricken females can be replaced by an underclass of willing, always-up-for-it, cisgendered females, while charming in its naivety, remains just that: a fantasy. Photo By A Russian sex worker. Photo: Getty. Coming to you daily during COP up here. I consent to New Statesman Media Group collecting my details provided via this form in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

Woman for sex Churchill

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